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Prison to a bird

These are satellite pictures of the two places I was locked up.

The Federal Detention Center in Engelwood is where I was held pre-trial.  Since my time was so short, I ended up doing most of it here.  What is there to say about it?

It wasn’t that bad.  Or at all good.  I saw a young man get mouth-raped here.  I played a lot of chess.  Worked on my novel.  Slept.

And this is the Federal Correctional Institution in Herlong, CA, where I finished out my time.  What is there to say about this place?

It’s no joke.  It’s the kind of place where you can catch a very serious beat-down for reasons so trivial you’d never think of them.  They had a race-riot while I was there.  I met a lot of guys with decade sentences.  Some of them were really bad people.  Most of them weren’t.  I was miserable.  I did 2 months in the hole there.


Tomorrow I’m going to see my son in Utah.  He turned 7 yesterday.  We’re going to Park City for a week.

For tonight, I’m back at my parents’ house.  This is a picture of my bedroom there.  I quite like the way I painted and decorated.  I used a faux-finish technique called “bagging off” (is that the greatest?) on the walls.  The trim is crackled green over yellow.  In all there are seven colors of paint and glaze.  The lamps are Moroccan from a boutique lamp shop in New York.  I like this room.  Too bad I can’t carry it with me.

Bedroom picture

Thanks to my brother Andrew for this panoramic.  You can see a larger version on his flickr.

Maybe I’ll post pictures of the work I did in my parents’ study while I’m at it…