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My new blog

You found my brand-new blog. This is my very first post.  Here I am writing it.  There you are reading it.  Maybe it’s no big deal for people like us, but we still should be proud of our accomplishments.

Congratulations to us both.

Words go here. Here they are. There they go. From me to you. It’s as if we’re connected, somehow, isn’t it? We are connected. Through space and time. By the magic of words. And the internet web. Can you feel it? The connection?

Can you?

While we are savoring this interconnectedness, in our times and our spaces, I might just mention that the title of this website, Where Do The Words Go, is taken from a poem by James Tate, the very next stanza of which goes thus:

The moon in her white nightgown,
the moon in her nightgown of nonchalance,
the warm drawers of the moon:

It is like that, this connection of ours. Don’t you think? It’s exactly like that.

And So. Here we both are. Heaven’s little soldiers. Reading these words. Wherever they go.

Thank you for reading my blog. Do check back once in a while to see which words went where.  You can also find (or anyway you soon will be able to find) other writings, as well as pictures, and perhaps videos and who knows what else, from my home page, WhereDoTheWordsGo.net.

Very Sincerely Yours,