DMT knocked my tooth out.

Literally.  I am now missing a crown from a molar.  I cannot believe this shit.  It’s going to cost me a grand for a new crown, and more importantly, DMT kicked my actual ass.

I can never go back.  This is the saddest thing to me.  I’ve said it before.  I’ll never go back.  I can never do it again. But that was when they just sent vomiting and horrible feelings of remorse.  This time they sent goons.  I guess I gotta get the message now.  The fairy-folk beat the shit out of me.

In my trip:  Everything was beautiful for at least a few minutes.  I was nervous, but not overly at first.  And the visuals were doing their always shockingly, eye-peelingly luscious thing.  I’m having trouble remembering what I saw now.  It’s been taken from me.  But I know it was not dissimilar to many other trips I’ve had.  Then… from around darkling corners came these fucking guys.  Pirate-Biker-Murderer-Baddies.  The trip turned fucking awful.  They were shooting at me, slashing, kicking, punching, all in the abstract of course.  I opened my eyes to escape.  And my fucking tooth was missing.

In reality:  What did I do?  Thrash about?  My face isn’t hurt though.  More likely I just bit down really hard, broke it off and swallowed it.  Or maybe I calmly reached into my mouth with my fingers and wrenched it out.  Who knows.

Also in reality:  I really have been banished from DMT-land. And the fairy-bouncers are no joke.

I called David after it happened.  He mostly just laughed at me.  To him it’s a good story to tell his friends.  I was kicked out of fairyland by the king and queen, and when I tried to go back they sent thugs to beat me up.