Ambien is icky

It’s such a weird drug.  When it works it’s great.  I sleep just the right amount, and wake up feeling rested and ready.  When it works.

Tonight it’s not working.  I took a second one hoping that would do the trick.  But my eyes are obstinately open.  So I’m on this irritating ambien trip.  I’m seeing strange people in my walls, moving them around.  Far from what I thought – that my walls were flat and boring- now they’re teeming with people.  So many little hidey holes where the ambien-elves can live their lives.

If my walls are weird, my computer is really weird.  It has learned how to  move and bend in some ways I wasn’t familiar with.  It responds to pressure differently.  It doesn’t stay quite still all the time. It weaves a bit, it nods, it shrugs. Other items on the desk have they’re own little dances, each one different.  The bag of knives breathes shallowly and reaches out, it wants to slide across the table.  The lamp is stretching itself. It wants to see how much bigger it can be.

But objects aren’t all there is to this ambien thing. I also have the sense of people around me.  Tall people.  Wearing coats.  I don’t pay them any notice.  They aren’t friendly, or hostile.

Sigh.  Ambien also makes writing difficult.  So many typos.

I can’t imagine using this drug recreationally.  What do people see in it?